How to have a warm and cozy bed in winter

The bed is often the perfect place to snuggle up in the winter. But even if you are not the type of person who spends a lot of time in bed, in winter it is essential that the clothes are suitable for the temperature so that you can have a peaceful night and a refreshing sleep.

The best materials for a warm and cozy bed

You must choose the right bedding set to be comfortable during the winter season. Certain sheets, like linen or percale, are more appropriate for summer, here we've rounded up top bedding ideas and materials for winter.

Cotton Satin
Satin is a soft, silky fabric made from 100% cotton. The reason for its shiny appearance is a specific weaving technique - the same one used to produce satin fabric - which results in a characteristic shiny surface. But satin offers so much more than just sophisticated looks. Whereas satin is usually woven from delicate fibers such as silk, cotton satin is made by weaving much thicker cotton threads. The result is a strong, extra soft and warm material that is thicker than regular cotton fabric. Some of the best warm sheets are made from satin as it retains heat much better and more efficiently than other bedding fabrics.
Satin is the quintessential winter bedding material, both in terms of looks and feel. It's naturally wrinkle-free, drapes beautifully, and has some of cotton's most notable characteristics: breathability and lightness.

Unsurprisingly, wool is one of the best winter bedding materials. It is made from natural fibers sourced from sheep or goats. The material is known for its durability, moisture wicking, anti fungal and antibacterial capabilities and, of course, insulating qualities. Just like cotton, different types of wool make different bedding products, each with a unique look and feel. Many people associate wool with that dreaded itchy feeling, but itching isn't always a given-. Merino wool, for example, is an excellent choice for sheets soft and breathable, perfect for winter. Cashmere, alpaca and mohair wool are ideal for throws and blankets.

Now that you have all the components to transform your bed into the coziest corner of your home, it's time to make it beautiful and stylish.
Sheets are probably the most essential layer, because your skin is in constant and direct contact with them. Choose a warn bedding set that is soft, breathable, and durable. Choose a sheet with an elastic band to be more practical to put on the mattress. If you like to sleep with a top sheet, place it over the fitted sheet. If not, the comforter comes next. And options for duvet covers you can use are endless. The ideal is to have a winter and a summer comforter, and style them with the covers you like best!
If you like quilts, it's a good way to add an extra dose of personal style to your bedroom decor.