Know how to determine the quality of bed linen

A bed set can cost anywhere from 50€ to 2500€, do you know why?

Finding the perfect set of bed sheets can make a huge difference on your quality of sleep, comfort and on how your bedroom looks. But you should know all about bed linen before you can find that perfect set.
There are 4 things mandatory to look for when buying bed linen that will tell you its quality, ability to help with your sleep and how much care it is needed.

1. Material
Material has everything to do with quality, once it affects softness, air circulation and the resistance of the sheets. Standard sheets are made of cotton, because it is soft, breathable, durable, and easy on the wallet. But not all cotton sheets are the same! It may vary depending on fiber length. The longer the fiber is, the softer and stronger the sheet is. It also may depend on thread count, the next item on the list.
2. Thread Count
Thread count is the number of threads that are woven into every square inch of fabric. A higher thread count means higher quality. It also means higher density, more weight, less porosity and more ability to keep you warm. A thread count between 500 and 600 will likely hit the sweet spot for comfort and breathability, but it can go up to 1000.
3. Ply
Ply refers to how many yarns are twisted together to create a single thread. The ply of a sheet indicates thickness, softness and absorbency. However, if you already chosen a good quality material, a single ply sheet can be a great choice!
4. Weave
There are mostly two styles of weave: percale and sateen. Percale uses a one-over one-under technique whereas sateen uses a one-over three-under technique. Percale is a tight and flat weave, it has a crisp, cool feeling that will have a matte looking finish. A percale weave sheet is lightweight and breathable, which is good for those who feel hot during the night. Sateen weave has more thread exposed, which creates an extra soft and smooth feeling. It also has a glossier and shinier finish compared to percale, so it can give a more luxurious look. This technique makes the fabric heavier and less porous, and it helps keeping you warmer.