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Qualification Project

portugal 2020

Project designation| INNOVATION DECOR FORMS
Project code| NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-002532
Main objective| Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs
Intervation region| North
Beneficiary entity| João & Feliciano, S.A.

Aprove date| 2015-10-30
Begin date| 2016-01-01
Conclusion date| 2017-12-31
Total elegible cost| 128.974,00 EUR
Financial support from the European Union| FEDER – 58.038,30 EUR
Project Overview:
It aims to increase its range of products for the production of fabrics based on felts, with high quality in terms of finishes, oriented to the satisfaction of the needs and requirements of new market segments. With the widening of the range of products, the company's main strategic objective is to increase its internationalization, penetrating new markets through the medium / high segment.
Outcome indicator:
- Project with inovation: Organizational + Marketing


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