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Internationalization Project

portugal 2020

Project designation| JF - Internationalization and Brand
Project code| NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-025080
Main objective| Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs
Intervation region| North
Beneficiary entity| João & Feliciano, S.A.

Aprove date| 2017-07-07
Start date| 2017-01-01
Conclusion date| 2018-12-31
Total elegible cost| 307.933,60 EUR
Financial support from European Union| FEDER – 131.836,50 EUR , FSE – 8.978,16 EUR
Project Overview:
With the implementation of the internationalization project to which it is applying, João & Feliciano S.A. intends to achieve the following strategic objectives:
- To promote a fortified international presence through new promotion and dissemination actions;
- Dilate the company's presence in the digital economy, aimed at the international client, through the use of ICT;
- Value your human resources structure through the training plan, within the internationalization process;
- Increase the volume of international sales;
Outcome Indicators:
- Value of exports in the Turnover: 74.87%


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