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portugal 2020

Project designation| ECO-TECH TEXTILES - ETT
Project code| NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-044257
Main objective| Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs
Intervation region| North
Beneficiary entity | João & Feliciano, S.A.

Aprove date| 13-08-2019
Start date| 10-01-2020
Conclusion date| 09-01-2022
Total elegible cost| 3.361.608,43 EUR
Eligible Innovation| 2.605.246,53 EUR
Financial support from the European Unioin| FEDER – 756.361,90 EUR
Objectives and expected results:
The company currently produces fabrics in polyester and cotton and extra fine jacquard. It also produces terry-based fabrics, as well as responding to orders for finished products (towels) destined for the Private Label market. In the future, it intends to maintain its operations in weaving fabrics and terry fabrics, but significantly increasing the offer of finished products (sheets / pajamas and towels / robes). The beneficiary intends to distinguish itself from the competition by launching products, such as the production of sleeping sets and bathing sets, with organic and recycled PM and unique functionalities aimed at the ecological luxury segment and the entry into the technical textiles segment through Workwear.
Result Indicators: Indicator I1 (post-project values) - Gross Value Added - GVA: 3,359,405.18 € Indicator I2 (post-project values) - Creation of Qualified Employment - CEQ: 5 Jobs Indicator I3 (post-project values) - Turnover - VN: 9,913,540.48 €


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